Advanced Manufacturing

prepares students for in-demand jobs in many industries. This isn’t the feeding loud, dirty machines in unhealthy, dangerous environments of manufacturing in the past. In manufacturing careers today, Sandhills graduates will apply mechanical skills and problem-solving creatively in almost lab-like, computer-aided environments.


Not  the

Old Factory.

It's Manufacturing.


Advanced manufacturing provides a great opportunity to have a career instead of a job. There's a difference.

A job is something that you're doing. A career is something that you want to move forward and manage through life and possibly through retirement.


Here's what you'll be learning...


Sandhills prepares students to achieve success in the manufacturing field, while encouraging the professionalism to become in-demand employees for today and tomorrow, too.


Start a career in a flexible industry — SCC provides students with individual assistance securing employment in their fields of study.


Students from our Advanced Manufacturing program come from all backgrounds.

Start at Sandhills today!

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You may qualify for assistance with tuition, transportation, childcare, and more!

Register today with to find out how they can help you complete a training program and start your new career today. 


Deneane Smith, 

Coordinator Advanced Manufacturing

Phone: (910) 246-4117

Office: 104 Palmer Trades


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